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Coaching Testimonials

Christie helped me deepen my understanding of myself, including identifying my strengths and areas for improvement. Her coaching helped me face my professional challenges while developing my emotional fluency. She taught me to ask powerful questions about myself and others around me. Christie’s coaching helped me through a challenging period at work and I emerged stronger and with a clearer vision about my professional and personal goals after my time with her. –LW


Having Christie as my coach has been an empowering experience. I could express my misgivings, find resolution to problems, get clarity as to my intentions, and get direct results from our sessions. Christie's intuition and steadfast devotion to making the best of me flourish is truly remarkable. She empowered me to hold myself accountable to my commitments, speak my truth, and clarify my purpose. She has an incredible gift for listening courageously in the way a samurai can split a match stick without ever causing a blood drop from its bearer. I highly recommend her. –Carlos M., Artist


Christie has helped me put words and actions to my thoughts and ideas. The ideas were always there but the coaching sessions helped bring them to the surface so they could be put into action. There's something to be said about bouncing ideas off another person, looking at a different perspective, visualizing what might be from what is. Coaching sessions can be a glimpse into what is possible with someone that can encourage you to work toward your dreams. Coaching has helped me be positive in a sometimes negative work situation and to look toward the "joyful" place in my life and away from the negative. I highly recommend Christie’s coaching as a way to learn to live a genuine life where the possibilities are endless and achievable. –Sarah C.


My coaching sessions with Christie not only helped me succeed in completing my Nurse Practitioner degree, her coaching encouraged me to take time for me, to get to know me, and for the first time think about what my mission, values, and goals are in life. This new challenge gave me a whole new perspective on my new career, my relationships, and how I treated myself.

My views and values on life, love, and the importance of happiness have changed on so many levels through my many coaching sessions and the caring support of Christie. I continue to fall into old habits, forgetting what is important, but I have a variety of support tools and secrets (between me and Christie) that keep me striving for that beautiful inner me that only a coach like Christie could help me see.

Coaching is a wonderful experience that I did not expect; if all coaches are like Christie then they should be mandatory! –LB, Nurse Practitioner


I have gained more structure and learned to prioritize the many workings that are involved in order to lead my best life, my purpose-driven life since being coached by Christie. With Christie’s coaching, I have found that the thoughts I think out loud during our sessions, become organized, focused, energized, and validated, thus manifesting concrete and enhanced life experiences. Christie interlaces her skillful practice with a very sharp intuition, thus honoring and recognizing your own intuitive drive to why you do the things you do. –Alis Marachelian, MPH


 Consulting and Training Testimonials

Christie Lewis brings a wealth of knowledge about non-profit governance, very helpful tools for non-profit boards to utilize in establishing governance structures and practices, and a teaching style that facilitates learning and understanding.  Her grasp of the content and her manner of engaging learners make her an asset to experienced as well as inexperienced board members. –Tom Suydam MSW, Organization Development Consultant and Non-Profit Board Member

I so enjoyed your board training session.  I've taken a variety of training over the past 25 years and the sessions that you gave rate as some of the best training I've had anywhere.  I briefed our Board President and recommended that we begin sending all our Board Members to your training.  –Sandy B.

I have known Christie Lewis for about two years as a colleague at the Community Foundation of the National Capital Area and as a superb, generous member of The Schimel Lode Board.  Christie has excellent judgment and is a woman of integrity and probity.  She has an original mind which enriches her varied, rich experience in the nonprofit and coaching fields. Examples include her refreshing self-awareness and insight into the ways people can best use their strengths as well as how to address situations when people sometimes distract themselves from being effective.  Christie is also fun to work with in the deepest sense: not superficial ha-has, but with sharp awareness of the many layers of reality and insight about when to address them in gentle and straightforward ways.  Finally, I’m impressed with her cross-cultural sensibilities and empathy that does not blunt her effectiveness in complex, demanding situations.  –Ruth M. Schimel, Ph.D.

Christie, thank you for an incredibly helpful day!  The whole group was engaged and creative and candid all day long.  It really helped us get on the same page in so many ways.  And now this report—salient and considered.  You’re amazing! –Septime W.

Christie gets it, she’s professional, smart, and has a keen organizational insight.  Her holistic and grounded approach won me over from day one.  Christie is truly a people-person, is an excellent facilitator, and has the innate ability to make others feel comfortable and excited about a team-work, can-do orientation to problem solving. –Greg Castano, Arlington County
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The Community Foundation for the National Capital Region, MARPAT Foundation, Hispanic National Bar Foundation, Doorways for Women & Families, Arlington County, Volunteer Alexandria, Leadership Arlington, Center for Nonprofit Advancement, Congressional Management Foundation, Greater Reston Arts Center, The Washington Ballet, Cultural Alliance of Greater Washington, Arlingtonians Meeting Emergency Needs, The Essential Theatre, DC Mayor's Office of Partnerships and Grant Services: Strategic Partnerships Initiative, Tutu Institute for Prayer & Pilgramage, Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund, DC Jazz Festival.

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